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Agree with the spirit of the Association, and ask for your support for a donation to the institution that has been invited to the current support.

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Association for Conservation of International Endangered Animals (ACEA)

Support for Association for Conservation of International Endangered Animals Support for Association for Conservation of International Endangered Animals

Gathered donations are JPY 809,956(for 1 year till 2016 Sep)

Support destination

Vietnam :
Hanoi City "Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC)" :
JPY 200,000.
Ho chi minh city "WILDLIFE AT RISK (WAR)" Headquarters :
JPY 200,000.

For domestic activities cost (instrument cost,translation fee,public relations cost ,transaction fee etc)

JPY 409,956

The contents of support

Purchase of medical equipment (WAR)

Anesthesia mask, Short wavelength ultraviolet irradiation device etc.

Medical Equipment List:

  • Nebulizer machine
  • Anesthesia Masks
  • Endotracheal Tube 2.0 mm-2.5mm-3.0mm
  • Vet-lite Casting Material
  • Small Abdominal Retractor
  • Epoxy resinsPulse oximeter
  • Vascular clips
  • GELFOAM PLUS Hemostasis Kit
  • IV Fluid Therapy machine
  • Silicon Feeding Tubes
  • Needles 28Ga - 30Ga
  • UVB radiometer
  • ReptiSun® 10.0 Mini Compact Fluorescent
  • Moonlite® Reptile Bulb
  • AvianSun™ 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent
  • AvianSun ™ Deluxe Floor Lamp

Purchase of medicines (WAR)

Antibiotics, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug etc.

Medicines List:

  • Paramomycin 100mg
  • Carprofen 100mgCisapride 10mg
  • Isoflurane 100ml
  • Atipamezole 100mg
  • Pralidoxime 1g

Repair and expansion cost of the cage (EPRA,WAR)

More protective cages are needed.

Repair of the cage、Additional cost Repair of the cage、Additional cost

Project of returning to the wild

Animals are released to the semi-wild area first, then eventualy returned to the wild forest depending on the adaptation situation.
Photo:The out side of the fence is the quasi-wild area.

Project of return to wild Project of return to wild

Food subsidies (EPRC,WAR)

About 350kg of the meal is consumed every day. Food has become a major burden.
Photo:Food of slow loris.

Auxiliary of food

About Rescue Center

アカアシドゥクラングールの親子 欧州からのエコツアーで訪れた観光客たち 清掃作業中のスタッフ。朝6時から働いています 枯れても落葉しない木の枝がロリスの巣 体を丸めて睡眠中のピグミースローロリス ハノイの南西約80kmの場所で訪問時は凍えるほど寒い既設でした 現地では極寒とも言える寒さの屋外でも順応している ホーチミン南方にある保護施設で働くスタッフたち ピグミースローロリスの広い保護ゲージ内を清掃するスタッフ 動物保護に関心の高い欧州からの観光客が毎日のように訪れる 怪我の回復状況をチェックされているピグミースローロリス 野生に返されたばかりのピグミースローロリス

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