Crisis of global environment of which a little monkey made me aware

A hope to protect the irreplaceable "Link of Life"

Establishment of ACEA began with the encounter with a little monkey.
started looking after a little monkey because I innocently thought it was "cute", but later I was deeply shocked to know that monkeys are threatened with extinction due to destruction of nature and commercial trades by human.
Monkey's population has been rapidly declining, because they are forced to leave their habitats due to deforestation, poached as an ingredient of traditional medicine, and smuggled as a pet due to its cute appearance.
I also learned that a number of poor monkeys are killed in a horrible environment during the smuggling. "I want to save these monkeys". This desire is one of the reasons why I established the Association.

However, monkeys are not the only species that is in danger of extinction.
Human's innocence, ego and excessive economic activities have caused surprisingly many species to go extinct. Extinction of species will destroy the ecosystem, cut off the "Link of Life" of "biodiversity", and destroy the natural environment. It may eventually lead to a situation that threatens existence of human beings.

To stop a tradegy falling upon little monkeys, preserve "biodiversity" and our rich natural environment, ACEA started an activity to conserve endangered animals. With a global-scale perspective, we would like to start realistic activities one by one, such as public awareness campaign and conservation activity. We will commit to make every effort to protect the global environment, in which human beings can cohabit with other species, for the future generation.

Association for Conservation of International Endangered Animals (ACEA)
Hiroe Sakurai
Hiroe Sakurai

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